Wedding Photographers: How to Avoid Common Conflicts

Most couples today want both wedding photography and videography services at their wedding events. While it is understandable that you want your memories captured in both mediums, having both trying to shoot your event at the same time is a common cause of conflict on the wedding day.

However, there are a few things you can do as you prepare for your wedding to avoid such conflicts, reducing the stress of the day and ensuring that both your wedding pictures and your video will be just as moving and memorable as your wedding day. One of the most common problems that arises as your photo guy and video crew are both trying to catch the details of your day on camera is one or the other of them getting in the other’s way. For instance, if a videographer positions himself at the end of the aisle, right in the center, to follow the wedding procession on video, he will be caught in the photographers shot as he is shooting the bride’s approach from the head of the aisle, making the image less appealing and professional. The best insurance against conflict between your wedding photographer and videographer is to hire professionals who have worked together before, developing a efficient working relationship that prevents them from tripping over one another as they strive to capture those great images of your wedding festivities. Ask your San Francisco City Hall Wedding¬†Photographer¬†for recommendations as you plan your wedding to ensure that neither your video or still photos are compromised by wedding day mistakes. Some photographers offer video coverage as pert of their wedding photography packages for just that reason, to ensure that they are shooting weddings with a videographer with whom they can work seamlessly. Find out if your photographer offers such services, and if he does, it is to your advantage to use them, as that solid working relationship will benefit to both the professionals and their clients. If you can’t find a pair of professionals who have worked together before, having a conference with both photographer and videographer during the planning process is wise. Such a meeting can allow these two professionals to work out the details of their coverage together, forming some guidelines and agreements that will allow smooth and efficient cooperation between them as they shoot your wedding images.